Our home page at has the option of promoting your museum so that it is one of the first to appear, with direct access so that your web page gets more visits.

If you are interested in this service just get in touch with us at

Please remember that by advertising on you are helping us with the upkeep and updating of our site.

Graphic resources

If you want to update or change your web page, or if you’ve been thinking about setting one up, we offer solutions.
We offer our expertise and experience in graphic design and printed material: leaflets, catalogues, labels and information panels to help you offer your visitors a more educational and precise visit.

And if what you need are audiovisuals, motion graphics and film, can also offer solutions for this type of display.
Please contact us at and we’ll be more than happy to help or information.


Preguntas frecuentes

How do you choose the museums for your guide?

The selection of museums which appears in our guide consists of little-known museums with unique, original or curious themes. But even if you think your museum is not like that, please get in touch.

The data about my museum is not accurate

Sorry! Although we check and compare most data at, it is possible that, through no fault of our own, certain data is not correct due to recent changes.

Should your data be incorrect or out of date, please let us know so that we can change it as soon as possible. Send an e-mail to under the heading “incorrect data”

I want to add data to complete my page in the guide

As we said above, if your datasheet is incomplete or needs updating send an e-mail to under the heading “complete data and services” and we will immediately add the changes.

How can I be part of

If your museum does not appear in this guide and you think it should, you can send us a mode of getting in touch (phone, e-mail…) to, under the heading “joining”

I would like to highlight my museum on this search

Your museum is already in our guide.

As you saw before, to find your museum you need to search or browse randomly through our website.

Our home page offers a service to highlight your museum and is the first to appear without having to search or browse. This service is dedicated exclusively to you and your museum.

If you need information or would like to use this service please contact us at

We will tell you about all the advantages of using this service.

How can I check that my highlighted museum is getting visits on

If you are using the highlight service on our home page, we will send you regular summaries of statistics about visits to your museum on our website.

You will be able to check that your objectives are being met and you will be able to improve your offer to the public and your advertising policy.

What are the advantages of advertising on is the only national guide which focuses on curious, one-off and almost unknown museums which are not found in most internet tourist guides.

By grouping all these museums together in a guide/browser, we provide fast access to the cultural and leisure offers of other original museums with interesting collections, but which have less funding, fewer visits and fewer web services.

Nowadays, having a place on the main internet browsers and a competitive website are essential to increasing awareness on the 2.0 web. offers solutions.

What’s more, we are publicising “Marca España” culturally both at home and abroad, as our guide is also in English.

Advertising on offers great advantages:

  • Your museum appears in a guide: potential visitors using the website will see your museum immediately they access the page, no matter what city it’s in, so they can quickly find an interesting place to visit.
  • Your museum can be found using a mobile.
  • Your museum will get feedback from the visits to our website, our publications and our links.
  • Your museum can use our rating system, voted by users.
  • Your museum can get help from our Blog, a tool for communication, activities, exhibitions, etc.

What other advantages are there to

  • If your museum has no website we can design one for you
  • If you need to redesign your website we can do it for you
  • If your museum needs multimedia or graphic support we can offer solutions
  • If your museum has no printed material or you want to change it, please let us know

Tell us what you need and we’ll evaluate your project.

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